Berry Bros. was started in 1956 by Doyle & Everett Berry in Berwick, Louisiana.

With one pickup truck and some hand tools, the brothers saw an opportunity in the Louisiana swamps to make their mark in the burgeoning oilfields of South Louisiana.

“Good Ole Boys” from Mendenhall, Mississippi, Doyle & Everett plied their trade of ethics and hard work, along with good timing into a thriving business.

With their roustabout services providing the in-roads, the brothers soon purchased welding and winch trucks and thought they had reached the pinnacle. However, demand for additional services ensued. Berry Bros. purchased barges, cranes, and boats and ushered in their entrance into the marine construction sector.

Berry Bros. continued to grow its business into one of the largest, and most respected marine /oilfield construction concerns in South Louisiana.

Berry Bros. is now an integrated, multi-disciplined service company that executes projects across a large swath of the continental United States.

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