HSE Mission Statement

The safety and well-being of our employees, subcontractors and stakeholders is our most important pursuit. Through a systems approach and continuous improvement, we endeavor to do no harm to people, property or the environment.

Guiding Principles

We will meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety rules, laws and regulations with a mindset of hazard elimination.

We believe that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

We believe that all employees shall be instilled with Stop Work Authority and are expected to use it when warranted.  We believe that stopping a job for the right reasons is more than a right, it’s an obligation.  We further believe that production in the absence of safety should never be valued or rewarded.

We strive to report ALL incidents, near-misses and spills, so that investigations can be conducted and corrective actions taken.  The sharing of information with lessons learned is a key fundamental.

We believe that all employees should be empowered through training, mentoring and awareness to act on their own to make a difference, and that safety is not purely the job of the safety department, but is a shared responsibility throughout the organization.  The active involvement by all employees is key and are likewise held accountable for their individual HSE performance.

HSE Policy Statement

BBGCI fully accepts its responsibility for providing a safe working environment and is totally committed to implementing and maintaining the HSEMS standards of health, safety and environmental management within all company activities.

To realize this commitment, all BBGCI operations and employees shall work together to protect the quality of the environment and the health and safety of our employees, stakeholders and neighbors.

BBGCI has in place a Health, Safety and Environmental management system for all our activities that drives continual improvement. The HSEMS outlines accountabilities to implement this policy and requires:

  1. Compliance to all applicable state, federal and local legal regulations and standards with a goal of hazard elimination wherever practical and possible,
  2. Reporting ALL incidents (including spills) and near-miss events, so that investigations can be conducted and corrective action can be taken,
  3. Consideration of the long-term improvement in employee health and fitness,
  4. Continually improve health, safety and environmental performance through the involvement of all employees and partnerships with the client community towards incident-free operations,
  5. Use environmentally-sound practices and other protections for the environment,
  6. Sharing safety/environmental information and lessons learned with all personnel,
  7. Requiring the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including: safety-toed shoes, hard hats and safety glasses. Additional personnel protective equipment (e.g., hearing protection, respiratory protection, face shields, fall protection, hand protection, etc.) may be required by the nature of the work and/or as specific regulations,
  8. Demonstrated leadership and management commitment, and
  9. Assurance that all personnel performing work are granted Stop Work Authority and that they are expected to use it.
  10. Follow our 18 Life Saving Rules.

HSE Management System

Berry Bros’ HSE Management System is the framework in which we communicate our HSE goals and objectives, train and encourage employee involvement, and collect and disseminate HSE information.  Our HSE Management System is powered by Safework Suites which allows us to obtain real-time information and achieve above-average, industry results:

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The Corrective
Action Tracker (CAT)

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Behavior Based Solutions

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Stop Work Authority

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Hazard Hunter Tool

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Inspection Tool

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Safework Training
Manager (STM)

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Incident Workflow
Solution (IWS)

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Job Safety Analysis

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