BBGCI Automation Services

  • Design – We have the knowledge and experience to design high quality, cost-effective control systems that fit your needs.
  • Integration – We have the ability to combine individual sites and pieces of equipment into a  unified control system that can benefit the entire enterprise.
  • Engineering Services –  We can provide the drawings and documentation necessary for almost every project.
  • Programming – We offer PLC, HMI and SCADA programming on a broad range of platforms.
  • Technical Services – We can provide calibration, troubleshooting and field services necessary to keep your facilities running.

BBGCI Automation Products

  • Control Panels – All control panels are built to a UL508 standard with UL certification available upon request.
  • Sensors – High quality sensors from reputable vendors.
  • VFDs and Soft Starts -We can integrate VFDs and Soft Starts into new and existing systems. This can improve performance and bring about cost savings.
  • PLCs – With extensive experience across a broad range of PLC platforms, we can provide the solution you need.
  • SCADA – From simple HMIs to complex SCADA systems servicing multiple sites, we can provide you with the ability to control your equipment and audit performance.


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