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“Big Red” is equipped with a 230 ton Manitowoc 4100W Series II crawler crane and sits atop a 155′ * 54′ * 11′ spud barge that draws only 4 feet of water.

“Big Red” is a very versatile machine in that it can make both heavy lifts, such as compressors, while at the same time; make substantial lifts that require long lifting radiuses. The crane can be configured with 70′, 80′, 110′, 120′, 150′, 160′, 190′ and 200′ of main boom. In addition, up to 60′ of jib can be added to make a combined total of 260′ of boom!

Since its completion, it has already proven indispensable in the following jobs: driving heavy concrete piling at a 95 foot radius; setting heavy compressors and decks, and assisting in the extinguishing of a well blowout. In addition to the capacity of the crane, the deck of the barge has been substantially enforced to carry a tremendous deck load.

We are surprised at the tremendous versatility of this piece of equipment and fully believe that you will be too. Therefore, we kindly ask that you consider utilizing this winning combination on your next demanding project.

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