QA/QC Program

On-Site AWS-QC1 CWI’s

Visual Inspections by Authorized Inspectors

  • Inspectors are qualified through Berry Bros. V.T. Training Program.
  • In addition, Visual Acuity Exams are required for all inspectors.


  • Performed on-site by quality subcontractors.

Hydrostatic Testing

  • Performed on-site by trained Berry Bros. personnel as well as 3rd parties in the field.

Craft Personnel Training Program (Individual)

  • Ensures competency and quality of work performed.

Welder Testing

  • Tested to code requirements of individual project specifications.

Quality Management Plan

  • All work is performed according to the guidelines provided in the plan, unless otherwise requested by the client.

Inspection Test Plans

  • Submitted to clients and all established hold points are followed as stated within.

Penetrant Testing

  • Berry Bros. has developed a ASNT-written practice and procedure for P.T. Testing.
  • All inspectors are qualified to perform on-site testing.

Full Turnover Packages (Digital/Hard Copy)

  • Spool drawings
  • Weld maps
  • MTR’s
  • NDE reports (film, if requested.)
  • Welder certifications
  • Hydro test reports
  • Inspection test plans


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